See what UHURU’s Covid-19 vaccine, AstraZeneca, is doing to people after injection? No wonder RUTO and others have shunned it and gone for Sputnik jab


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Thursday, April 1, 2021 – The Covid-19 vaccine, AstraZeneca, which was imported by President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Government has its fair share of disadvantages.

Several countries have suspended the vaccine, while others have given a patchwork of guidelines on who should take it following adverse effects some have reported it had on them.

In Kenya, experiences vary from those who have taken the jab.

Businesswoman Mercy Claire revealed that the jab had caused her more harm than she expected.

“Getting the jab itself is not painful.”

“The nurse gives you a shot in the arm and you go away, to await the second dose after eight weeks.”

“The nurse says you should contact the doctor if you have a headache or any other symptom,” she said.

With bitterness in her voice, Claire said that the symptoms she experienced were not something she expected.

“After getting the jab, I did not feel anything the whole day until the night fell.”

“I started feeling feverish and sweaty and a little dizzy,” she stated.

But even with these symptoms, she didn’t think much of them since every medication has its own effects.

“I did not pay much attention to what was happening, but the night was not smooth and I could barely sleep,” she said.

“After getting the jab, I did not feel anything the whole day until the night fell.”

“I started feeling feverish and sweaty and a little dizzy.” 

 “I have headache, fever, nausea and a lot of pain in my left arm.”

“I could not sleep on the left side where the jab was administered because of pain. It is stinging a lot,” she stated.

According to Claire, when she woke up, nausea had gotten worse, adding that she had an elevated temperature with no appetite.

“The headache, fever and sweating became too much. I even tried taking breakfast but could not do it. I am still feeling dizzy,” she narrated.

With the symptoms taking a toll on her, Claire went ahead and took a mixture of ginger, honey and lemon to drive nausea away.

“I got some relief but not a lot. Dizziness still persists. I still cannot lift my left arm without pain. I have to position my hand with a formula when typing! Direct touch to the site of jab is like a bee sting!” she noted.

Another businessman Edward Methane said that after getting vaccinated he had a terrible fever.

“I woke up from my sleep shaking at around 3am and the first instinct was to pull over a blanket from the foot of the bed for double cover,” Methane narrated.

He noted that after a while, he was very chilly and started sweating profusely.

“I started sweating heavily but could not get out of bed because my body was very numb. I managed to get out of bed at 6 am,” he said.

He said he was forced to take paracetamol which reduced the fever and numbness. 

“The arm that was jabbed is still numb,” he added.

However, with these effects, the Centre for Disease and Control says the side effects after a person’s second shot may be more intense than the ones you experienced after the first shot. 

While Uhuru took the AstraZeneca jab, Deputy President William Ruto opted for Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine which is yet to be fully approved by the Kenyan government.


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