School headboy murdered in Kisumu after allegedly tipping principal about a plot to torch dormitories – Jalango TV – Kenya No.1 Online TV


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Students of Ngere High School, a boys boarding school located in Seme, kisumu County have killed the school’s Headboy in cold blood.

Unidentified number of the extra county’s school students took law unto themselves by ganging up against the leader of the students fraternity after allegations of him tipping the school principal on a plan to torch the school and consequently go on rampage surfaced and spread like a bushfire in the institution.

The incident has left the country in shock with many wondering to what levels has indiscipline among students skyrocketed to.

The school which was founded in 1966 by his excellency president Jomo Kenyatta has never experienced such a heinous act throughout its history save for today’s shocking incidents.

Police are currently on the ground attempting to unmask the brutal killers of the Ngere boys student leader.

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