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Sammy Kasule dies – National Radio


The Ugandan musician passed away on April 27, 2021, on his way to Sweden for further treatment.

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News of the death of the famous East African musician who used to be in the Afrigo band was confirmed by his band called “Ziwuuna” via their Facebook page.

According to the report, Kasule appeared to be in need of emergency assistance when he arrived in Amsterdam in the Netherlands and died there.

Sammy Kasule’s death comes almost two years after he returned to Uganda from Sweden, where he lived for 30 years.

Samuel Kasule, started a music career in a band called Kawumba in 1969 before moving to Kenya following the political turmoil in Uganda during the reign of Idi Amin.

While in Kenya he joined the band Orchestra Les Noirs which had members of Congolese origin and later joined the band Liwanza.

He later released his personal album ‘Mari Wandaka’, which was very popular in Kenya.

He, a Congolese guitarist Tabu Frantal and keyboardist Botango Bedjil formed a band called Vundumuna where he remained for a while before moving to Sweden in 1983.

While in Sweden he collaborated with other musicians of African descent in the bands Savanna and Makonde.

Kasule’s hits are such as ‘Cooperation’, ‘I Love You’, ‘Dreams’, ‘Ekitobero’ and ‘Your Advice’, which helped develop his career as a musician.

He has collaborated with musicians such as Phillip Lutaaya, Manu Dibango and Boney M.

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