Ruto’s Firm Decision on the 2022 Succession Politics



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Ruto’s Firm Decision on the 2022 Succession Politics

Deputy President William Ruto has stuck with his decision regarding the succession politics in the country. Ruto said that if a leader is worth taking forward President Uhuru’s development agenda, it is him. In fundraising in Kiambaa, Ruto clearly stated that he was with Uhuru during his challenging times. He never left his side, and that he is the true friend of the president.

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“Those who are now riding on 2022 endorsements, where were they in 2012? When we needed them, they turned their backs on us and said we have a case at the ICC.
Now they come from nowhere to seek endorsements,” Ruto firmly said.

He further tarnished the claims that the hustler movement is set to create a political rift between hustlers and dynasties. He continued to reaffirm to Kenyans that the most significant problems are not tribalism in Kenya; it lacks calculated strategies and plans to uplift the youths and the common Mwananchi.
“I once helped Raila until he became the Prime Minister. I helped Uhuru until he became the president, what is wrong with me helping the ordinary Mwananchi?” Ruto Questioned.

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Ruto’s Firm Decision on the 2022 Succession Politics

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