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To ensure a better future, we need a clean and reliable source of energy, such as nuclear power. However, modern nuclear technology is more than just green electricity.

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It is a useful tool to use to solve today’s and tomorrow’s immediate challenges. It is important to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Unfortunately, many people around the world view nuclear power as another source of electricity.

Encouraged by the desire to remedy this injustice Rosatom launches the Atom to Humanity, a unique nuclear intelligence program. Rosatom believes it is high time to put man at the center of the nuclear debate.

Atoms for Humanity is a unique collection of stories that catch ordinary people from all over the world sharing how nuclear transforms their lives and helps fulfill dreams, big and small.

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The launch of the project, Why Humans Need Nuclear, will take place on April 30. Kristy Gogan, an internationally acclaimed expert with more than 15 years in advising the government on climate and energy, will be the one to organize the talks. Other speakers include Rosatom Nuclear Association executives and Environmentalists, environmentalists, and heroes of the Atomic Human Atomic Certificate.

The event will focus on the social, economic and environmental benefits of nuclear energy and key feedback from successful experts. The debate will also focus on the accounts of the first humans, who directly benefited from nuclear technology.

According to the organizers, one can join the launch of the project on April 30 at 3 pm Moscow time via


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