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Tanzanian musician Ibrahim Mussa popularly known as Roman Catholic or Roma Zimbabwe has come out and shouted at fellow musicians especially the founders of new generation music in Tanzania.

He did so via a video he posted on his Instagram account and begins by apologizing as he may have offended others.

According to him, the former musicians have been complaining that they are not being given a chance by the festival organizers but he has found that they are self-indulgent.

The musician wore the shoes of a music-loving fan and said that musicians who started work before 2005 when they took the stage now could not perform at all. He says many do not try to remember the words of their songs and when they are on stage they forget themselves and start encouraging the crowd to raise their hands and things like that.

Roma, who last year announced in December that he was leaving the music business, could not understand why an artist could not spend time preparing for a performance when he knew in advance about the festival. In his view, this is the main reason why festival organizers boycott them which means they are not satisfied even when they get the chance.

The purpose of his criticism, he says, is to awaken such musicians to maintain their dignity and status in the music industry in Tanzania.

The flamboyant musician who emigrated to the United States cited the example of veteran American musicians who are very satisfying when they take to the stage even after many years such as Snoop Dog.

He also mentioned the late Tanzanian musician Mangwea who says he was very good at direct performance and did not expect to be played on a recorded tape. But he complains that his works are not available online for reference.

Roma also mentions the late Ruge mutabaha who was a major festival organizer and investor in the media industry who made sure everyone who gave him a chance to perform at his event had practiced before that day while helping them plan their work on stage.


Roma Zimbabwe azomea fellow musicians – Radio National

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