Residents Provide Free Labour for Ksh80 Million Govt Project


  • Residents in Murang’a County took matters into their own hands when they were forced to work for free to help the government complete a water project in their area.

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    Residents from two villages in Kandara sub-county dug trenches of more than 17 KM to facilitate the installation of water pipes to provide water supply to their homes.

    The government allocated Ksh80 Million for the purchase of pipes. However, no money was set aside for project costs.

    Residents took responsibility for the project because the government provided plumbing.

    HDPE plastic pipes pictured at a factory in Kenya.


    Kangunduini MCA Peter Mburu said residents took responsibility for digging ditches and laying pipes connecting the houses.

    “Locals dug trenches more than 17 miles[17 km]from the water source and connected them to houses. This plan helped them to get water easily as there was no money allocated for plumbing, “he said.

    Murang South Water and Sanitation Company (MUSWASCO) will supply residents with water. The project will see more than 6,000 homes have access to clean water.

    Part of the niti, MUSWASCO sent its engineers to help the locals connect the pipes during the process.

    Residents explained that with the connection they will be receiving tap water for the first time since independence.

    “Residents of two villages have been facing severe water shortages, a situation that has disrupted sanitation in their homes, livestock and even caused their children to suffer from water-borne diseases,” the local leader explained.

    The water company ensured that it would charge the residents well for access to water.

    “We are grateful now that clean tap water has finally reached our homes. Now we can grow vegetables easily as there will be plenty of water and also to support dairy cattle rearing, ”said one of the villagers.

    Three meters of water are installed in the buildingThree meters of water are installed in the building

    Three meters of water are installed in the building




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