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A controversial court order made by the High Court in Meru on Friday that barred Philomena Mwilu from acting as chief justice and chair of the judicial service commission has continued attracting the attention of legal minds in the country, with professor Lumumba being the latest to air his thoughts.

The fiery and eloquent constitutional lawyer has dismissed the order as baseless and only founded on rogue jurisprudence, a move that he says must be condemned in order to restore judicial sanity.

Lumumba joins the long list of other legal minds among them senator James Orengo and law society of Kenya President Nelson Havi who have already cited the order as unconstitutional and which ushers in judicial anarchy.

According to Havi, the order was a nullity and therefore demanded that judge Patrick Otieno be removed from office on grounds of misconduct.

” The order made by Justice P.J Otieno restraining DCJ and AGCJ Philomena Mwilu from serving is a nullity ab-initio. For good order though, it should be set aside, P.J Otieno be removed from office and the petitioner advocate and his advocate be disbarred”. Havi declared in a tweet.

Some quarters have also viewed the ruling as part of President Kenyatta’s promise to REVISIT the judiciary following the quashing of the 2017 elections in which kenyatta was a victor.

The order has also been alleged to be a perfect scheme against Mwilu which is aimed at disqualifying her from ascending to the chief justice position that she is currently holding albeit interimly following the retirement of Chief Justice David maraga in January.

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