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Popular 96 radio presenter Herman Kago, popularly known as Professor Hamo, has finally responded to allegations that he has left his children with a mother, and fellow comedian Jemutai.

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Through a Facebook letter with Professor Hamo on Sunday, May 2, the Churchill Show comedian decided to clean up the situation, claiming that none of his children from his wife and Jemutai had ever been without food or shelter.

“I know a lot is being talked about and I would like to say the following to give clarity to my fans. I have children who live with me and others who do not live with me. I have been providing for my children from day one and there is no day that they (ever) lacked food or shelter or whatever they need. My wife is the one who sends care for the children who do not live with us. This has been an agreement between my family and the mother of the children, ”read the first part of her statement.

He claimed that his wife, who lives in Nakuru, had been helping Jemutai and his children financially. He was responding to Jemutai’s allegations reported on blogger Edgar Obare’s page that he was the one who had been supporting Hamo’s wife. He also claimed that he had paid school fees for Hamo’s children and his wife.

Professor Hamo accused Jemutai of making fun of his children and friends at home and at school. She said she had decided not to take part in a public dispute to protect her children. He said Jemutai’s claims could be the result of frustration after things did not go as planned.

“Sometimes people can get frustrated when they can’t get everything they want, especially when invisible challenges arise. I have always been the current father to all my children and I will continue to work hard and take care of them,” he concluded.

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