President Kenyatta warns Kenyans to beware of fraudulent leaders – Radio National


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President Uhuru Kenyatta has urged Kenyans to support the BBI’s constitutional amendment process highlighting its benefits to this country especially the county where more resources will be channeled if the document is approved.

Meanwhile, the president has advised Kenyans to beware of politicians who oppose the BBI process saying they have no truth in opposing the process.

He said Kenyans should not be misled by some politicians who oppose the document in order to advance their personal interests while ignoring the interests of the common man.

The president made the remarks on Saturday at Sagana sub-palace, Nyeri county where he addressed more than 7,000 leaders from Mount Kenya and neighboring counties on the second day of his working visit to the area.

Contrary to popular belief, President Kenyatta said he had consulted with various stakeholders before launching the process, which he said aimed to protect the rights and freedoms of every Kenyan.

The president urged politicians to stop using young people to incite violence, saying instead they should find lasting solutions to the challenges facing young people as proposed in the BBI process.

Officials who spoke at the meeting denounced the “Hustler” and “Dynasty” statements propagated by those politicians who oppose the BBI, saying it was propaganda to divide and plunge the country into class strife.


President Kenyatta warns Kenyans to beware of fraudulent leaders – Radio National

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