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The saying as a mother as a daughter cannot be true about Nairobi’s young and delicate preacher Lucy Natasha.

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The famous city pastor is the “copy” of his mother in many ways.

From their image to their religious services, they are such a package.

In fact, Natasha’s mother is Pastor Esther Wanjiru.

He is a leader in the Miracle Center Superior Service founded by Bishop Pius Muiru and his wife, Rev. Lucy Muiru.

Older women serve at the MMC ministry in West Coffee in Nairobi.

Her daughter mentions her as her intercessor and this is because she has always been supportive of her ministry.

She is also a great friend to daughter Natasha and they have shared many memorable moments.

Pastor Wanjiru is also part of Natasha’s Hand of Compassion.

He often joins the group in his charitable events.

A happy mother always values ​​her family and meets regularly with her children.

She is undoubtedly a good mother to her three children and a great grandmother to a child Zahra.

True, Natasha’s mother turned 58 today, April 28, and her famous daughter was thrilled to join in the celebration of her special day.

“Join me today and wish my mother my mother and my intercessor. Happy 58th birthday, Pastor Wanjiru! You have been a solid pillar of support and strength in our lives, ”he wrote.

Natasha thanked her mother for all she had done for her and her siblings.

“You have calmed us down, covered us, encouraged us, and stood by us. You are so amazing and unique
You are a gift mom. I love you, Mama Tasha! ”He concluded.

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