Pollution cases and GBV cases are on the rise in Kitui County – KBC


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Project Officer for the Center for Human Rights and Citizenship Education, Christine Kalikanda has condemned the increase in cases of sexual and social violence in Kitui County.

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Last week, a man disappeared after defiling and poisoning his nephew in Mwingi North. Three days ago, a man reportedly raped his 15-year-old daughter at night while her mother was away.

His explanation for turning to his son was that he was punishing his wife for not leaving her daughter and her parents as he suggested.

In addition to these courtship cases, Kalikanda also said that there have been several reported cases of older men seducing underage girls with promises of money or sweets, in full light of their neighbors without their parents’ knowledge.

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A human rights officer said he was very concerned about the fact that criminals always appear to be shaved early and disappear before they are arrested.

He also talked about other cases where victims are threatened or taught that when they come to court, some of them deny their information and the perpetrators are released.

Speaking at his offices in Mwingi Town, Kalikanda asked all the people involved to take responsibility for their responsibilities.

Police officers should look into such cases and arrest the perpetrators immediately.

The community should also be vigilant and report these illegal activities to the authorities. Parents are also encouraged to protect their children from predators.

“If you have to take your child to the shops, do so kindly before dark because some of them have been beaten on the way during trips to the deceased,” Kalikanda advised.

He also said his organization is working with the Local Advisory Council on Children’s Affairs, the Court User Committee and the Kitui County Technical Working Group and the Kitui County Gender Department to find ways to end sexual violence and courtship in the County. of Kitui.

He said previously the organization was making awareness programs for young girls and educating them on their rights and how to protect themselves, but the program has run out of money.

So far they have only been able to implement these awareness programs through schools, churches, and local media.

“There is no reason for profanity, courtship and sexual harassment. Any differences that occur between spouses should not be transferred to children under any circumstances. We must all stand up and fight against this evil to come to an end, ”he stressed.

The organization is currently working with Kitui CEC member Hellen Ken, who is also leading the campaign to reach a point where these cases can be reduced or eliminated altogether. They vowed to ensure that all these incidents were reported, and that all the authorities involved, including the police and the hospital, were playing well.


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