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The mother of Nairobi preacher Lucy Natasha, Pastor Esther Wanjiru, celebrated her 58th birthday yesterday, April 28, and used the opportunity to give life lessons.

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The preacher and his children thoroughly enjoyed his special day.

She also received birthday wishes from around the world from her daughter’s friends and fellow ministers.

For her part, Mama Tasha had important life lessons learned in her life.

Here are some nuggets of wisdom from a proud mother of three on her special day:

1. Know, appreciate and appreciate people who truly love you;

2. When you start to worry, replace it with action. If there is nothing you can do, then don’t worry;

3. If you have the opportunity for a new experience, take it. Help others succeed and you will add your own;

4. Find a job that you really enjoy that you could do without compensation; then do very well that people will pay you to keep going;

5. Living a life of God’s grace and knowing that God’s guidance, provision, and wisdom are available to you and lessons even makes for frustrating times;

6. Enjoy the journey of life and all the pleasant experiences along the way;

7. Keep your word. Say what you will do and do what you say. It’s very simple. Do the right thing all the time because it is the right thing to do;

8. Everyone is an example: Choose to be good. Show a lifestyle of divine character in life, in your personal life and in your work;

9. Speak the truth with love and be realistic in your relationships with people;

10. The family is the foundation of a fulfilled life, building habits and activities that strengthen family bonds.

Led by their older sister, Pastor Wanjiru’s children recorded a special video of their loving mother on her special day


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