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Famous comedian Felix Odiwuor aka Bitch’o or Heavy J Baba turns 38 today.

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Born and raised in the village, the Kiss 100 presenter has struggled with all conditions to be where he is now.

In addition to being a radio personality, he is a highly sought-after person, owns a tourism and travel company, runs a successful media production company as well as a highly acclaimed YouTube channel, real estate investor and influential media player. social.

This is completely different from the life he had in the early 20s when he was a fishmonger.

“At the age of 23, I was a fisherman and a fishmonger in the town of Homa Bay, I was going to the lake in the middle of the night, throwing the net into the lake and in the morning I was selling fish to women on the beach,” he recalled.

Now he floats for money.

Jalang’o always says that poverty encourages hard work.

“When I remember where I came from, I can even get up at midnight and start working.”

Here are pictures of a celebrity who proves that there is no permanent state in this life.

Many years ago when Jalang’o worked as a fisherman in Homa Bay.
Jalang’o and his friend Captain Otoyo during their early days in the acting world.
Happy Jalang’o in the air.
Jalang’o is standing next to one of his top cars.
Here he is just resting.

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