Parents support Magoha to bring back caning in learning institutions


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A good number of parents have supported Education CS George Magoha’s suggestion that corporal punishment returns in schools.

While on an official tour in Kisii county, Magoha suggested that caning be brought back to schools to subdue the rising cases of indiscipline in the learning facilities.

“Learners will not commit crimes and walk scot-free. We shall ensure that these situations are neutralised before they escalate. They must be caned and we shall authorise teachers to punish them,” he said.

This followed increasing reports of arsons and violence towards teachers.

And while reacting on the matter during a Ghetto Radio show, a section of parents agreed with Magoha’s thoughts.

See some of the callers’ sentiments

“I support Magoha 100 percent because if they do nor bring caning back, our children will continue being unruly.”

“They should bring back the cane to schools because as parents we were also caned and that is why we turned out this way.”



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