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Otile Brown has two leading songs for Kenyans.

Singer Jacob Obunga aka Otile Brown has been singing and composing songs since he was 13 years old and his perseverance efforts are succeeding. Since his success in the music industry in 2016, he has been nominated for several awards including Afrimma Awards, Well Awards, Pulse Music Awards and SoundCity MVP Awards. Now Dusuma, one of Otile’s most popular songs has become the most watched music video in the country (on YouTube).

The latest release of Mr. brown is ‘Baby Go’, an Afropop jam that is already making big rounds. Posting on his Social Media to share the good news about his comments, Otile showed love and gratitude to his fans. “We recognize and appreciate the love and support that all people show us… until the wheels fall off ????“he said.

Dusuma, which features artist Meddy, currently has 26.2 million views. In addition, his collaboration with Sanaipei Tande on the song ‘Chaguo la moyo’ ranks second with Kenya’s most watched music video with 25.7 million views.


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