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Stage performances in theaters in Kenya and especially in Nairobi, have been around for a long time and for lovers and those who know this art is the best way to have fun.

Groups are the majority of stage performances in Kenya that create and showcase their plays in various venues in Kenya many of which are located in Nairobi such as the ‘Kenya National Theater’ state-owned theater.

The plays are usually English and Kiswahili but in recent years, actors have been promoting the art using indigenous Kenyan languages.

As you approach the national exhibition hall in Kenya opposite the Norfolk Hotel you will see stickers advertising Kikuyu and Dholuo language dramas.

And now two Kisii-born actors have decided to entertain the locals who had long been forgotten in this art.

The group of two, Victor Nyaata and Cyprian Osoro, known as Mkisii ni Mkisii, has managed to produce two phases of ekegusii language drama.

Cyprian Osoro and Victor Nyaata

Their first Ekegusii drama, dubbed “Ensacha Enkungu”, was shown on February 8, 2020 at the Kenya National Theater and the second “Keroche Keraire” was shown yesterday, February 13, 2021. Valentine’s Day at the Nairobi Cinema.

The long break was due to the advent of the Corona virus epidemic worldwide where people around the world were forced to change lifestyles in order to prevent the spread of the virus.

The gatherings were banned even in Kenya and this was a blow to the acting group but they tried to cater to the needs of their clients through social media.

The first scene is a grocery store on one of Nairobi’s streets and the second is on a barber shop and salon.

The couple also have an online program which they call mkisii is mkisii radio and also performs celebratory functions on various occasions such as weddings.

Victor Nyaata and Cyprian Osoro are starring in another group “Heatstrings Entertainment” whose plays are mostly English, Swahili or Sheng.

The large number of fans who come forward to watch the games of this group is an indication that the future is good for this Mkisii group is Mkisii.


Opportunity for laughter for those who use the language of Ekegusii – Radio Taifa

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