‘Ogopa Serikali’ Kenyans To Sonko as Ex Governor Weeps In Court (Video)


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Mike ‘Drama’ Mbuvi aka Sonko- The now beleaguered ex Nairobi governor has a life that would fetch any serious script write a fortune

After much ado with his fingers on his social media handles, he was on Wednesday, February 3, nothing but a shadow of the man who beat his chest on his official handles, daring everyone he felt slighted by.

The ex-City CEO burst into torrents of tears when he was arraigned before an anti-corruption court in Nairobi.

Sonko, who appeared before Chief Magistrate Douglas Ogoti facing charges of graft lost his ‘sense of masculinity’ and began sobbing while trying to explain to the magistrate how the prosecution was frustrating him.

Clad in a red jacket and a white t-shirt, Sonko spent the better part of the time he was given whimpering and using his mask to wipe his tears as he struggled to narrate his predicament and issue his pleas

It forced the Magistrate, the dreaded Ogoti to personally calm down the politician since it became increasingly hard to hear him amidst the sobs

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The leader who admitted to being ’emotional’ narrated that he felt frustrated by the police who slapped him with additional charges because he had allegedly refused to withdraw an affidavit here he mentions President Uhuru Kenyatta’s sister

“The officers asked me to withdraw an affidavit I had filed at the high court against the president’s sister. When I refused, they pressed against me assault charges.

I think this is very important for the court to note,” he concluded before sinking on the bench he shared with his pensive lawyers

Sonko also wanted his bail matter addressed expressing that he had been denied bail when he was arraigned on Tuesday and charged with several counts among them assault and destruction of property.

Sonko was arrested when he honoured a summon by the DCI where he was expected to shed light on the explosive “confession” he made about two weeks ago that Interior PS Karanja Kibicho was among “deep state agents” who had a hand in ODM chaos witnessed after the 2017 General Election. He dared Kibicho to sue him.

Sonko’s legal team is led by the formidable Senior Counsel John Khaminwa.

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