Nurses launch new bid to fire party secretary general Seth Panyako – KBC


Representatives of the nurses meeting in the town of Kitui on Wednesday called on the Secretary General of the National Union of Nurses Seth Panyako to offer a new election to carry the new office.

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The statement, they said, represents representations on behalf of more than 27,000 members of the senior nurses’ union.

Former Machakos County nurses’ representative Halima Adan, who is seeking to oust Panyako from the post, said the union was on the verge of collapse due to poor leadership.

Halima called for an immediate election of new officers, adding that the current administration led by Seth Panyako has passed its term of office.

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“Members want the Registrar of Trade Unions to cancel the results of the election held when there was a court order barring the situation from continuing,” he said.

Members of the Union wondered why it did not bother the Registrar of Trade Unions that out of 50 polling stations, 38 polling stations had results showing officials who were elected unopposed.

“In addition, even where officials were not challenged, the incumbent leaders were not listed on the revenue, it was also seen from the revenue that did not bother the Registrar that in the national elections claimed several positions were returned, including the National Executive Council,” he said.

The delegates said Kenyan nurses felt disappointed by the union registrar for accepting names from the election which was suspended by a court order and rejected by nurses.

“On February 26, in very few polling stations, police continued to hold elections, in complete disregard for the suspension order,” Halima said.

applications to the office of the Registrar and the Ministry of Labor have not been answered to date.

“We urge the Registrar of Trade Unions to act in good faith and save the nurses of this country from bad leadership. Her actions are a clear indication of the high moral standards and help to punish her in the nurses ‘union, ”the nurses’ representatives said.

They argued that the procedure for conducting the by-elections was violated by Mr. Seth Panyako. They said the incumbent man had introduced new laws to gain power in the election.

“He removed the law from a controversial constitution whose case is directly related to ELRC 681 of 2020. Panyako also acted extensively as chairman of the electoral board, observer and board member which has been kept secret from him and his elected officials,” he said.

The team led by Halima which is pushing for the election of new officers in all branches said they will not get tired until the opportunity to make a credible election is given.

“Nurses of this country gained this unity through the courts and we are back in court again given the opportunity to hold credible elections with an independent body independent of selfish leaders who do not follow the interests of members. We will not tire of seeking justice and accountability until credible elections are held,” they said.

Halima Adan for her part said she sympathizes with the nurses who she said have suffered at the hands of officials who do not know what is expected of them.

The delegates also praised the Confederation of Trade Unions (COTU) for their strong opposition to the February elections, saying they were unreliable and should be repeated.

“We would like to thank Francis Atwoli for bringing indifference to our coalition leadership. An audit must be carried out to find out where and how our corporate fees and other funds have been spent,” they said.

They further pledged to involve the Council of Governors, the Secretary of the Cabinet of Health and the Secretary of the Cabinet and urge them to protect the interests of nurses and ensure a credible election is held.

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