Notorious Congolese play-boy, CHRISTIAN KADIMA, is going to jail as post mortem reveals how his girlfriend ELIZABETH KOKI died.


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According to Oduor, Koki suffered injuries on the mouth that are consistent with a gag.

 “The victim was suffocated to death,” the chief pathologist said after conducting the autopsy at the Montezuma Funeral home yesterday afternoon.

Christian Kadima, who is the main suspect in the murder case, had told detectives that his deceased girlfriend had fallen from the bed and hit her head on the floor during a heated argument.

He further alleged that when he realized Koki was unconscious, he left the house and drove in her car to Nairobi CBD, where he met a friend and narrated to him what had transpired.

Wednesday, January 13, 2021 – A post mortem conducted by Chief Pathologist Johansen Odour has revealed that deceased lawyer, Elizabeth Koki, was suffocated to death.

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