NEMA revokes KiliAvo license to grow apricots in Amboseli – KBC


The National Environment and Management Authority (NEMA) has revoked KiliAvo Farm Fresh Ltd’s Environmental Impact Assessment License following Monday’s decision by the National Environmental Court (NET) to dismiss NEMA’s application to suspend the farm.

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Efforts by Kenyan agricultural company KiliAvo Fresh Ltd to rescind the NEMA suspension order were thwarted by NET on Monday.

In their statement, NEMA referred to the suspension orders issued at KiliAvo Farm on September 9 and 18, 2020 to suspend all activities on land that is considered to be in the middle of the corridor which is important for the dispersal and migration of one of the world’s largest elephant and zebra species. , mules, antelopes, lions, leopards, hyenas and cheetahs.

NEMA cancellation of KiliAvo’s EIA license on Tuesday is a milestone in the controversial case, and has been welcomed by community members, environmentalists and landowners who have feared an outbreak of uncontrolled development that threatens to block key wildlife corridors and dispersal areas. Kenya. of the country’s most endangered wildlife.

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The steps taken by the Court and NEMA also place a priority on anyone who may want to bring development in protected areas and important wildlife migration routes.

Upon hearing the decision, the Director of Wildlife, Dr. Kamau Gachigi, congratulated the Director General of NEMA-Mamo B. Mamo saying, “Mr. Mamo B. Mamo is a no-nonsense public servant. This is a historic moment for Kenya.” Dr. Paula Kahumbu, CEO of Wildlife also added , “This is an important victory for wildlife and Kenya. Damage to wildlife baths, dispersal areas and corridors has reached a point and urgent action is needed to mitigate these effects. “

Despite all the orders from the Court and NEMA, photos and videos from the website earlier on Tuesday reveal that the company has continued to clean up the land and cultivate.

NEMA’s decision on Article 143 of the EMCA, 1999 which provides that: “ANYONE who fails, ignores or refuses to comply with an Environmental Restitution Order made under this Act, is guilty of an offense and shall be liable to imprisonment for a term not less than one year and not more than four years or a fine not less than two million shillings and not more than four million shillings or for such fine and imprisonment ”.

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