Nandy falls for sodo embassy – Radio National



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Tanzanian musician Nandy who calls himself ‘The African Princess’ is now the ambassador of Flowless brand sodas that are available on the Tanzanian market.

The announcement was made last Thursday by the company that created the sodas for a press conference where Nandy had signed an agreement for the embassy’s job.

This is not the first time Nandy has worked with the company to create Flowless pads since last year in the fifth month, a picture of her was used on billboards.

Speaking after signing the agreement, Nandy praised the sodas saying a woman who uses them can do anything without fear during menstruation.

The company’s executives said they chose Nandy because she was a confident, courageous woman who never gave up on life.

He also took advantage of the opportunity to announce the arrival of the pads which were officially launched in 2020.

Nandy is also developing other similar products for soap products from a company known as Azania. He has appeared in the sales photos of the powdered soap by the name King Limau.

Nandy, whose real name is Faustina Charles Mfinaga, was born in November 1992 in Tanzania and officially started her music career in 2013.

His work has come as his fans eagerly await his music career from him in collaboration with Koffi Olomide of Congo.


Nandy falls for sodo embassy – Radio National

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