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Personally, without difficulty and dedication, Kenyan electronics partners open their lives to the audience for the first time.

Nameless and Wahu musicians, prominent Kenyan celebrities, are coming to our screens in a new reality series called This Love, which will start airing on Showmax on May 24, 2021.

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Married for fifteen years, these powerful couples are revered by many for their commitment to marriage and family life, which they have been able to present in the public eye for years. Until now. For the very first time, they are opening their lives to this audience with this Love, a 13-part truth series that will highlight their lifelong love, a lovely life, and the history of the story, as well as the lessons they took along the way.

This love will also follow Nameless and Wahu as they work on their debut album together, a project they announced in early April 2021. “Getting to share our journey as we create our first album together is a great thing to say a little bit. We look forward to leaving the fans in this creative, challenging and fun process of working together, and starting a team behind the music,” he said. the couple say. “In addition, as we celebrate twenty years in the music industry, we want to share the lessons we have learned even as we continue to fulfill our role as partners, parents and business partners. Our vision is to collaborate and inspire and empower people through marriage, music and counseling.”

This love is the production of Documentary and Reality TV, the production company Eugene Mbugua which is also behind the lovers of Sol Family, My Story and Our Full Wedding, all available on Showmax.

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Despite the music industry that took over twenty years, the power of Nameless and Wahu stars cannot be denied. Both have dropped hits after hits and won numerous awards, including the MTV Africa Best Woman (2008) Music Awards for Wahu and Best Male and Nameless Listener Choice (2009). Theirs is a story that Kenyans will fall in love with, and that Mbugua and his team could not stay away from.


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