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Nakuru County allocates 1.1 billion shillings to fund water projects


Nakuru County Governor Lee Kinyanjui said the move to find temporary and permanent solutions to water scarcity would help achieve sustainable development in the county.

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The governor said that the Nakuru water utility company-NAWASSCO, has been providing water in exchange due to increased demand for the product in the town and its environs due to population growth and expansion of the county’s residential areas.

He said the company has the capacity to produce 45,000 meters, of water every day compared to the demand of 70,000 cubic meters.

Governor Kinyanjui said in order to avoid the shortage in the county, his government would invest heavily in drilling, building dams, as well as sharing resources with other counties.

The governor said the county’s water supply level had increased to more than 60 percent from 42 percent four years ago.

He said this was achieved through drilling, plumbing and rehabilitation of existing water projects.

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