Nairobi Investors Surrender Ksh 20B Property to JKIA


  • Nairobi investors have been ordered to surrender their assets worth Ksh20 billion for the development of Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA).

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    The decision of the Environment and Land Court showed that the Kenya Airports Authority (KAA), the state agency responsible for JKIA, won a 16-year case over the ownership of a 494-acre piece of land.

    The authorities had filed a lawsuit in 2004 seeking re-ownership of an area adjacent to the airport from the Community Chain and Union Housing Plan.

    Investors claimed the package and even issued distribution letters confirming that they had received the package legally.

    Arrival stations at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

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    In his decision, however, the Judge of the Environment and Land Court, Samson Okongâ € ™ o presided over the registration of land number 21919 which was submitted by KAA as valid.

    He also ruled that the distribution letters issued by the two organizations were fake.

    It is interesting that the Union could be divided into land which had already been surveyed and included as part of LR No. 21919.

    It is even more surprising that the Director of Research may authorize research to be conducted for the purpose of dividing LR number 1423 which was already included as part of LR No. 21919 in which the document plan was approved and issued by the same Director of Research, ”said the judge.

    “The land was therefore set aside and set aside for future development of JKIA and therefore was not available to the Union or anyone else,” he added.

    Defendants were seeking compensation of Ksh19 billion for land but the judge found that they did not deserve any compensation.

    Defendants were also seeking Ksh 288,547,680 for valuation fee and a total of Ksh 1,100,393,400 claimed for roads, water calculation, electricity supply, planning and investigation.

    In its court documents, KAA had indicated that the international airport had lost more than 11,000 acres of land to people who called them fraudsters.

    Authorities named the leaders of the organizations as Peter Muinde Mbiti (chairman), Agnes Njeri (vice-chairman), James Njoroge Murigi, Solomon Mwau, Stephen Mwania and Dominic Katua.

    Kenya Airports Authority Head OfficeKenya Airports Authority Head Office

    Kenya Airports Authority Head Office




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