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Tanzania President Suluhu Hassan

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President Samia Suluhu Hassan of the United Republic of Tanzania has said his visit to Kenya aims to strengthen the historic friendship and brotherhood that exists among the people of neighboring countries.

Speaking during a state banquet hosted in his honor by President Uhuru Kenyatta and First Lady Margaret Kenyatta on Tuesday evening, the Head of State of Tanzania emphasized that during his tenure, he would strive to strengthen the historic relationship between the two countries, especially cooperation. economic.

“As you know in today’s world, relations between nations are based on economics. All other issues will usually fall apart because of our blood relationship but economically we need to put in place sound policies to build a strong economy, “the Tanzanian leader said.

He said during their private talks with President Kenyatta, they agreed on the need to create a conducive environment for the private sector to thrive and participate fully in economic development.

“Investment from Kenya to Tanzania is very good. We have about 513 Kenyan companies in Tanzania but from Tanzania to Kenya we have only 30 companies. Now when I return I will urge more Tanzanian investors to come in and set up shop in Kenya so that we can improve our economy, “President Suluhu said.

He thanked the Government and the people of Kenya for standing by Tanzania when the country lost its fifth late President John Pombe Magufuli.

“I came to Kenya for three main reasons. The first is to thank you. As you know on March 17 we died nationally and our brother (President Kenyatta) walked with us every step of our mourning. Not only him, we also received condolences from Kenyans saying, ‘Our Magufuli has left us’. And by this I knew Magufuli was loved all over East Africa, Kenya, Uganda as everyone kept saying, ‘our friend Magufuli is dead’, “President Suluhu recalled.

President Suluhu said President Kenyatta’s decision to attend the funeral of the late President Magufuli was a sign of true brotherhood, which showed concern and love for Tanzania.

He said his other reason for visiting was to introduce himself, saying Kenya was among the first countries to recognize him as President after being sworn in following the death of his predecessor.

President Suluhu thanked President Kenyatta for encouraging him to be strong and to take the lead in Tanzania.

“I have also come to introduce myself to Kenya since immediately after the death of our President, I took the lead as stated in our constitution, that the Vice President assumes the Head of State when the President dies in office. This is why we had a positive change from one President to another because we respect what our constitution says.

“As soon as I was sworn in as President, my brother called me and even when he attended the state funeral he told me,” Samia you have no reason to be afraid to lead this nation because you have been well advised by Magufuli and you know nothing, “he recalled his conversation with President Kenyatta at the time.

He said it was in the words of the robbery from President Kenyatta that they continue to remind him of the strong brotherhood and kinship ties that exist between Kenya and Tanzania.

“From the beginning I was eager to visit Kenya, to strengthen our brotherhood and neighborhood for the betterment of our citizens. Tanzania and Kenya are neighbors but our neighborhood and our brotherhood are not the result of the waters of the Indian Ocean or Lake Victoria, instead we are also blood relatives. It is not surprising that we have a diverse community sharing the same cultures and languages ​​within the two countries, ”President Suluhu said.

For his part, President Kenyatta assured his guest that Kenya will continue to work with Tanzania to achieve the vision of full regional integration held by the founding fathers of East Africa.

President Kenyatta thanked the Head of State of Tanzania for accepting his invitation, saying his sign showed his desire to continue to improve and strengthen good neighborliness.

“For us Tanzanians are not just neighbors but our brothers. I have no doubt that our sister President Samia Suhulu will continue with the position that her predecessors took as I will also do to improve our relationship between our citizens as what is needed is to ensure our brotherhood lasts, ”President Kenyatta said.

The State House, held at the State House, Nairobi, was attended by Cabinet Secretaries, Speaker of the National Assembly Justin Muturi and his Senate counterpart Ken Lusaka, Acting Chief Justice Philemona Mwilu, diplomats and other senior government officials.


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