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Gospel musician Guardian Angel has resisted criticism of his love affair with an older woman and has continued to love her even more. Negative effects have continued since the 30-year-old artist publicly launched the show.

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It was a struggle like this for the two love birds in the beginning, as they got a different effect from the netizens.

However, he and Esther Musila, almost over 20 years old, have turned a deaf ear to critics and are still living together a year later.

The Story The hitmaker has decided to prove his hatred for those who hate him by holding on to his precious friend.

Esther has fully supported her man’s music career and the Guardian Angel is grateful for that.

Today, April 30, he took his love to another level by referring to Esther as his heart.

“My heart, my blessing,” wrote the award-winning singer on her Instagram.

Guardian Angel is working on his new album called, Thank You For Coming, and his wife has been by his side all the time.

A few times a week ago, he expressed his gratitude to her for holding on.

“My Queen. Thank you for coming. You are a blessing and I love you so much,” she wrote.

Esther immediately responded: “I love you more, King. Thank you for coming. ”

The pressure from their fans has diminished, though some ask when the couple will officially marry.

Some are curious about when the couple are expecting their first child.

However, the Guardian Angel and his will do not care much about these things and are more interested in his music composing and recording projects.

Esther has been a close associate of the Angel Guardian.

He is proud to be around all the time with his wife.

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