My Friends Deserted Me – Shaffie Weru After Homeboyz Exit [VIDEO]


  • Radio presenter Shaffie Weru has revealed that many of his friends left him when he was fired from Homeboyz radio in March.

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    Weru and two of his colleagues were fired after the station received their comments at one of the morning shows’ gross violations of the company’s editorial policies.

    “In fact, most of the people I expected to stand next to me or my back left and I didn’t even judge.

    “Some of them were people who were in charge of my business, others I was associating with every day when I was a ‘Pastor’. I am not a fortune teller knowing that something like this would happen, ”Weru said.

    Shaffie Weru in the press on his car


    He added that the only time one could separate the chaff from the wheat was when they got into serious trouble.

    In addition, Weru vowed not to give up 18 years of his life to another company following his departure from Homeboyz radio.

    “If I do that, I’ll do it because it’s about taking care of me,” he added.

    The announcer had a month of scandal in March after he and fellow locals were accused of sexually assaulting a victim of sexual harassment who recounted how his girlfriend threw him from the 12th floor of the building when he refused to sleep at night in his place.

    Their emotions elicited a public outcry that cost them their jobs.

    Weru has since found a management job at Roya Group. He joined the company as Head of Entertainment.

    “This is my new impetus and here we are doing a lot of things mwingi it makes a lot of investments that make a lot of investments and traders’ business …

    “This is my new expression. This time I will leave, ”said Shaffie.



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