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US rapper Bow Wow, 33, has announced that he will be joining the WWE wrestling program where he will also be fighting.

He announced this via Twitter last Monday where he said he knew that many would be surprised by his decision but he has already chosen.

According to him he has been interested in wrestling since childhood. The musician has said that he is about to launch his latest album and after that he will only cover television, film and WWE issues.

To show that he is serious about joining the WWE, Bow Wow wrote that he has already selected the wrestling team Rey Mysterio and hopes to join him in the wrestling competition in the near future.

His last album, Bow Wow has given it the name “Before 30” saying that he chose that name for a collection of his ten albums as all that he has accomplished in life so far he has seen before turning 30 years old.

During an interview in January this year on a US radio station called Hot 97, Bow Wow said he would include musician Snoop Dog on the album as a narrator.

Bow Wow used to call himself Lil Bow Wow in the music industry and his real name is Shad Gregory Moss. He was born in March 1987 and started his music career in 1993 while entering acting in 2001.

He has acted in several films and television shows sometimes as the protagonist and sometimes as a minor character.


Musician Bow Wow wrestling wrestling – National Radio

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