Murathe’s 85 Days at Nyayo Torture Chambers That Changed His Life


Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga is so concerned about the suffering of the House of Commons that it is easy to ignore other prominent Kenyans who suffered under the rule of then-President Daniel Moi.

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In a 2014 interview with K24 TVJubilee Vice-Chairman David Murathe recounted the 85-day torture he suffered in the soles of Nyayo House.

One of the things we will never forget is how they put you in the water. My feet were like a snake’s bottom and to this day, they still give me water.

Nyayo House Building along Kenyatta Road in Nairobi


“After sitting in this water for a week, they would make you sit in a special chair that had a needle like a sewing machine and they would turn it on. I remember Kamangara, they would put his manhood on the machine. Many people were exhausted and many of my colleagues were thrown away from the last floor of the House. of Footprints, â € said Murathe.

His activism began during his days at the University of Nairobi where he was studying Economics and Political Science and was also a student leader.

He noted that students organized their first riot in 1979 shortly after joining, complaining about poor food conditions.

“Kenya was a one-party state. These foreign politicians began to be agitated by the multi-party system and one of the platforms they used was the political party.

“We had people like George Anyona and Mukaru Ng’ang’a who came up with the idea of ​​forming a party. It was called the Socialist Union of Kenya,” he added.

A few days before the party was launched, politicians were arrested for throwing out their plan. About the same time, the 1982 revolution was implemented.

After the coup, security officials began taking action and ending the entire student leadership of the University of Nairobi and were taken to Embakasi Police Station.

He was released but was re-arrested in 1986 on suspicion of being part of Mwakenya, the core of the underground political movement. He was taken to Nairobi without being told what was wrong.

“Sometimes at night, they would take you to an elevator that would take you forever up there where you will find highly built men,” he added noting that he suspects people will be thrown on the roof until their deaths.

“They would beat you from the first day and ask you to take off your clothes. “They would beat you until you lost consciousness. Then they would take you to the basement, empty cells and then they would start spraying you with water from the 24th floor,” he added.

He recalled staying for 13 days in one of the cells without food.

After the torture, he was sentenced to 15 months in which he served on the Committee with the Tewa Pit noting that “I would rather go to prison than to the torture chamber.”

However, he noted that other detainees were upset by the experience, he included.

After his release, he joined the Mwakenya faction and continued to lobby for multi-party democracy where he met with Siaya Senator James Orengo.

He had previously confirmed that he had forgiven Moi for the torture experience.

Former President Daniel Moi

Former President Daniel Moi



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