MP Paul Koinange’s Wife to Battle Sister-in-Law for Kiambaa Seat


  • The wife of the late MP Paul Koinange June is expected to compete with her brother-in-law Lennah Wanjiku Mbiu in the next Kiambaa by-election.

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    Report of Everyday nation Monday, April 26, indicated that June, popularly known as Maitu June, revealed that she would run for the seat at Jubilee.

    â € œThere has been a discussion in Kiambaa which has brought together voters and opinion leaders.

    The late Kiambaa MP Paul Koinange (R) and his ex-wife June Koinange

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    “People have come to realize that they need a strong personality to complete the projects initiated by the late Hon. Paul Koinange,” he said.

    June is currently a PhD candidate at the United States University of Africa (USIU) and works as a consulting psychologist.

    His statement comes just one week after Lennah, the last child in the family of the late Minister Mbiyu Koinange, and his cousin Citizen TV Journalist Jeff Koinange, was present with his family at a special event held at their home on Saturday, April 17.

    Lennah was at the forefront of a special ceremony in which MPs from Nyanza paid a visit to the family to mourn the death of the late MP.

    “We heard there were about 20 people who wanted Paul’s seat, and in our family, there were more than 10 people. We continued to restrain ourselves and sit on Lennah to be our flag bearer yesterday (Friday, April 16),” the representative said.

    The two are joining a growing list of nearly 20 candidates in the race, including the late rival Paul Koinange Kariri Njama.

    Paul died from complications related to Covid-19 at Nairobi Hospital on Wednesday, March 31.

    The MP who was elected for the Jubilee Party ticket had served as a Member of Parliament for Kiambaa Parliament since August 2017.

    The late MP also served as Chairman, Committee of the Department of Administration and National Security.

    Daughter of the late Mbiyu Koinange Lannah WanjikuDaughter of the late Mbiyu Koinange Lannah Wanjiku

    Daughter of the late Mbiyu Koinange Lannah Wanjiku




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