Mp Ken Chonga Settles A Land Tussle



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Mp Ken Chonga Settles A Land Tussle

Mp Ken Chonga’s top-notch communication skills, coupled with a firm knowledge of Kenya’s land laws, came in handy when he had to offer leadership in a heated meeting that he was invited to. A press release that his personal assistant sent out to read in part;

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I engaged the committee of plot No.285 Kikambala, Kwa-Kadzengo Mtepeni Ward, over a tussle with the Kenya Railways on the aforementioned land. I advised them on the best approach as they seek justice. My administration has registered convincing success on land tussles, thus giving us a clear head start. I also presented a pressure washer machine to the Kwa-Kadzengo Youth Group as an honor to a promise I had made. I challenged them to put positive energy into their endeavors and committed to offering my assistance whenever the need arises.

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Mp Ken Chonga Settles A Land Tussle

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