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Mombasa County launches strike program for tourism workers


The Mombasa County Government has launched a vaccination program against COVID-19 for more than 3,000 people working in the tourism and hotel industry.

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The exercise was launched on Tuesday at the Kaderbhouy Health Center at Makadara Stadium and is run by the Tourism and Health Departments in the county government.

According to industry stakeholders in the area, the strike will restore hope in the sector which is faltering due to the effects of the Korona epidemic.

Since the first outbreak of the disease in the country, more than 4,000 people have reportedly lost their jobs in the industry, as many tourist institutions and hotels have been forced to reduce staff numbers and some completely shut down.

Chief Tourism Officer in Mombasa County government Ms. Aisha Abdi said the safety of workers in the industry as well as foreigners is a priority as they strive to revive the industry which is said to contribute more than 8.8 percent of the national economy.

Pauline Oginga, the government’s chief health officer, said her department had been conducting hotel inspections to ensure that the Ministry of Health’s regulations to prevent the spread of the Korona virus were fully complied with.

Speaking to reporters immediately after the vaccination, one of the staff members of the Voyager Calistus Osicho Hotel said he was happy to receive the vaccine and called on all industry employees to show up in large numbers for the exercise.

“I am just happy to have received a vaccine that will keep me and my family safe. I urge my colleagues not to boycott this program but to see the importance of vaccination, ”said Osicho.

Herike Hotel Director of Planning, Wasike Wasike, praised the initiative, saying it would restore tourists’ confidence that workers would be vaccinated against COVID-19.

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