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The Ministry of Health (MoH) has entered into a joint venture with leading pharmaceutical drug Novo Nordisk and other key partners for the purpose of establishing an action plan to launch the Cheap Diabetes Care Program in Kenya as the world celebrates 100 years of insulin use.

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The system, which is the next step in the Diabetes intervention by Novo Nordisk, has also brought in 13 county governments and a coalition of other organizations including supply agencies, implementing equipment (trust with the county government), and several other partner bodies.

Other key partners in the program include the Conference of Catholic Bishops in Kenya, the Christian Health Association of Kenya, the Diabetes Training Group of Kenya, the Diabetes Association of Kenya, the Mission of Essential Medicine and Supply, Medtronic Laboratory, Union of Non-Communicable Diseases of Kenya, Philips Therapeutics Ltd and the Royal Danish Embassy.

Focusing on the economic weakness of health workers to address the challenge of diabetes management.

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Speaking at the launch of the program in Nairobi, Emil Larsen, CVP Middle East Business Area, Africa and the CIS Novo Nordisk said the main goal of the program was to accelerate access to affordable treatment for diabetic patients on the continent. Africa in a sustainable way in four key areas; capacity, accessibility, accessibility and empowerment thus ensuring more patients are treated to overcome diabetes in Central Africa, especially at this time of celebrating 100 years of Insulin availability.

The affordable initiative, which is an integral part of iCARE, is a collaborative agreement to improve access to diabetes care in Kenya and to establish new long-term aspirations to provide access to diabetic care for vulnerable patients in several counties. The program also seeks to find ways to bring diabetes and insulin treatment to patients using existing distribution chains, health care facilities and the public sector.

With Kenya having 552,400 adults (20-79 years) and type 1 diabetes, and being one of the pilot countries for the ICARE Access Pillar, the Uwezo program provides a unique opportunity for the country to gain much-needed co-operation with private sector as referred to by Dr Ephantus Maree, Head, NCD Prevention Department.

“The government is working to strengthen data collection from the county through the Kenya Health Information System (KHIS) to improve diabetes and intervention services,” he said.

Dr Eva Njenga, a leading psychiatrist and psychiatrist representing the Kenya Non-Communicable Diseases Alliance, also pointed out the timing of the affordable program noting that in Kenya 40% of deaths could be attributed to NCDs. “Most deaths are preventable. We must ensure that diabetes care is included in all our health care systems as well as the universal health care system, ”he added.

Mr Henrik Larsen, Deputy Head of Mission, Royal Danish Embassy, ​​Kenya… highlighted the importance of the affordable program and the ICARE program as a whole comes at the same time with the 100th anniversary of insulin availability. A major and historic event, in 1921 which today has enabled patients living with diabetes to live and thrive. He described the cheaper program as further enhancing the benefits of insulin discovery 100 years ago.

Speaking at the forum, Kisumu County Governor Professor Anyang Nyong’o noted that awareness was still very low especially in rural areas and they did not know what kind of intervention they needed to control their situation.

“We need to strengthen our awareness programs to reach adequate rural areas,” he added.

Novo Nordisk has had a long history in Kenya, which has led to the implementation of several initiatives and partnerships that all have a common purpose; overcoming diabetes, which ultimately is the company’s aspirations.

Novo Nordisk will continue to support better access to insulin and diabetes education for patients living with diabetes, through innovative projects and partnerships with various stakeholders to influence change to overcome diabetes.

As a leader with over 90 years of experience in diabetes care, Novo Nordisk is committed to overcoming diabetes in Africa.

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