Mike Sonko’s Woes Deepen



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Mike Sonko’s Woes Deepen

Just when we thought we had seen enough of Sonko’s tribulations with the authorities, a new scandal has cropped up. Apparently, Mike Sonko is “dead,” that’s at least according to a death certificate doing rounds in the social media. According to the death certificate, Mbuvi Gideon Kioko, popularly known as “Sonko,” died 25th of May 2005.

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It is now believed that Shimo La Tewa prison is in shock to realize that Sonko is still alive and that they have now written a letter to Kamiti Maximum Prison to facilitate his transfer to them for more prosecution.

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Sonko was charged that on May 25, 2019, at Buruburu Phase four in Kamukunji jointly with others not before court forcibly and violently entered the property of Landmark International Properties. Sonko faced another count of assault causing actual bodily harm. Mike Sonko was taken to Kahawa West Law Courts to face terrorism charges. He is accused of recruiting a militia group that disrupted peace and stability in the country.

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Mike Sonko’s Woes Deepen

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