Mike Sonko opens up why he cried in court


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Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has come out to explain why he cried at a Nairobi Court yesterday as he appeared for the mention of a corruption case that he is facing.

The flamboyant ex-county told Nairobi Chief Magistrate Douglas Ogoti that he had gotten emotional because the DCI pressed for more charges against him after he refused to withdraw an affidavit adversely mentioning Christine Pratt Kenyatta in a case over the appointment of the Nairobi deputy governor.

“At the last point, (the reason) why I was emotional is that when I was at the DCI’s office, responding to the summons issued by this court, the officers asked me to withdraw an affidavit I’d filed at the High Court against one Christina Pratt who is the President’s sister. When I refused, they brought up those assault charges. For the sake of the court, I thought it is very important to note that,” A teary Sonko narrated.

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