Mexico City highway collapse kills 23


A metro passway collapsed in Mexico City when a train was traveling over it, killing at least 23 people, including children, the mayor said.

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Two locomotives were seen hanging from the structure, on a busy highway. At least 65 people were injured, and seven are in critical condition.

A man trapped inside the vehicle was taken out alive.

This is the worst event in decades in the city metro system, one of the busiest in the world.

The local media broadcast CCTV footage showing the collapse of the road, sending dust clouds. The accident happened around 22:00 a.m. Monday (03:00 GMT) near the Olivos station on Line 12 highway, southeast of the city.

Speaking at the scene, Mexico City Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum said the cause was still being investigated, but it appeared as if the girl had made her way over the highway. The line, launched less than a decade ago, will remain closed.

Residents had reported cracks in the structure after the 2017 earthquake, according to local media. Mexico’s El Universal newspaper reports that the transportation authority undertook the operation following the reports.

The injured were taken to local hospitals

Crane was taken to the scene to calm the wagons amid fears they might fall on the road, forcing officers to temporarily suspend rescue efforts.

Concerned friends and relatives of those believed to be on the train gathered in the area. Efrain Juarez told AFP news agency that his son was in a coma. “My grandmother-in-law called us. He was with him and he told us the structure fell on them. “

The passenger, 26-year-old Mariana, told El Universal that she and other people were trapped between the twisted metal of the car and managed to escape through a window.

“We just heard a loud thunder, and everything collapsed,” he said of the incident. “There were a lot of people standing and sitting in the carriage, and when the car crashed, we jumped up and hit its heads on its roof.”

The search operation was reportedly forced to be suspended for fear of further collapse
The area around the crash site is closed while the search for survivors continues

One eyewitness told a Mexican television network: “Suddenly I saw the structure tremble.”

“When the dust cleared we ran… to see if we could help. There was no screaming. I don’t know if they were in shock,” the witness said.


Mexico City’s metro system is one of the most used in the world, carrying tens of millions of passengers a week. In North America, the only New York subway carries more people every day.

However the incident did not occur on one of the old lanes, which have experienced at least two major earthquakes in the last 35 years. Instead it happened in Line 12, completed as recently as October 2012.

There will be difficult questions for the mayor’s office to come up with on the smooth construction, as well as several former mayors.

It includes Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard, who was in office when Line 12 was unveiled and who defended the expansion of the metro. He called the accident a “terrible tragedy”.

However, those questions must wait until later. While now it is only about the rescue operation as the Mexican people are asking for the number of victims not to increase further.

Mexico City’s metro carries about 1.6 billion passengers a year.

Last year, one person was killed and more than 40 were injured in a collision between two metro trains in the city.

In 1975, two subway trains collided, killing 31 people.

Map of where the accident occurred

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