Men sent me nudes with ‘nitawezana’ captions after hit song- Femi One


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It seems the ‘Utawezana’ hit song featuring Mejja will not only live in the memories of Kenyans but also in Femi One’s as well.

Femi featured veteran Genge artist Mejja in the club banger and it sure did not disappoint.

It recorded an unprecedent success in the country and beyond the borders.

Besides inviting congratulatory messages on Femi’s inbox, it drew also starkers in the musician’s dm.

In a recent interview, Femi confirmed receiving nude messages from men pitching their bedroom prowess.

”Ah, izo nazipata sana, especially time nili release ‘Utawezana’… Ona hii, ona hii. Niliona vitu, niliona mbaya… Hio time ilikuwa mbaya. Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya…” She said

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