Media Couple Who Sold K24 & Kameme to Kenyatta Family


President Uhuru Kenyatta’s family has invested heavily in many industries including real estate, agriculture, hospitality and the media.

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According to registration documents from the Kenya Communications Authority, stations associated with Mediamax networks such as Kameme FM, K24 TV, and Milele FM are registered under TV Africa Kenya Holdings.

Report from Daily Business announces that TV Africa Kenya Holdings is linked to the powerful Kenyatta family that bought K24 and Kameme products from David and Rose Kimotho.

Citizen news anchor Jeff Koinange and media boss Rose Kimotho at the Emori Hotel on Friday, November 13th.

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The couple founded Regional Reach Limited which started out as an advertising company. They initially purchased 200 televisions that were strategically placed in rural areas to display products during the investigation.

The company entered the mainstream media with the launch of Kameme FM targeting rural populations in Central Kenya and the promotion of indigenous languages.

The couple is said to have invested Ksh40 million to set up a center that provided music, news, and cultural education.

The station had a good run and the entry of other indigenous stations such as KBCâ € ™ s Choir and Royal Media Inooro disrupting the industry.

RMS, with the financial muscles from billionaire SK Macharia, analyzed Kameme FM’s popular broadcasters and transformed the audience’s theme.

Opponents also lowered their advertising standards with the intention of luring Kameme FM customers.

Threatened by the harsh business environment at the time, Regional Reach Limited tried to differentiate its portfolio and enter television broadcasting, so K24 he was born.

K24 was originally intended to be the first local television station, broadcasting in Kikuyu for 24/7 news format. Rose Kimotho said her plan was frustrated by media actor Jeff Koinange who played a key role in creating the K24 brand.

Rising on the growing political activity caused by the 2007 General Election, K24 launched in November 2007.

Following the fighting, the company experienced a sharp decline in revenue due to the negative impact that PEV had on the economy.

The cost of running a TV station in a declining economy overwhelmed the couple and they had to compete for a contract with a TV affiliated with the Kenyatta TV Africa Kenya Holdings family in 2009.

Although the airwaves are registered under Africa Kenya Holdings, the management of the facilities is under Mediamax Network Ltd – another company affiliated with the Kenyatta family. It is Since then he has grown up running Kameme TV, regular radio stations across the country as well as Milele FM which broadcasts in Kiswahili.

After the transfer of property to the Kenyatta family business, Rose Kimotho was appointed CEO and served until 2011 when she started another media house, 3 Stones TV.

For his part, David moved to Uganda and was appointed CEO of WBS TV and later returned to run his own business, Jayda Entreprises.

Businessman David Kimotho who insisted on setting up Kameme and K24 brands

Businessman David Kimotho who insisted on setting up Kameme and K24 brands



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