‘Married to each other with contradicting love stories’ Nameless and Wahu serve you tea in new hits


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Nameless and Wahu are perhaps the most admired celebrity couple in Kenya and beyond the borders. Unlike many other public figures, they have had a healthy and quiet marriage spanning over the years.

But that is just in real life. In art, Nameless and Wahu have contradicting understanding of love, going by two different songs they dropped on Thursday morning.

In ‘This Love ya Nameless’ he talks about love tainted by broken communication and argument, while in ‘This Love ya Wahu,’ she sings about her love life having abundant joy and happiness.

Despite the aesthetic video graphics, a change in couple roles in the two videos has also caught the attention of many Kenyans.

Whereas Wahu features Sauti Sol’s Bien in the video of her song, Nameless stars Chiki Omwekwe, Bien’s wife, in his own.

The two songs have received favorable reviews in the social media streets.




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