Marriage and State House Job Doing Kanze Dena Some Good


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Marriage is great. Couple that with a Statehouse job and you are blessed

State House Spokeswoman Kanze Dena has been off the public radar for a while. The former TV queen surfaced today while outlining the president’s itinerary and Kenyans on social media could not help but marvel at her transformation.

Kanze was speaking on President Uhuru Kenyatta’s schedule as he is today set to meet elected leaders in Nyeri ahead of a major meeting with leaders from the region on Saturday.

Amidst the rising political temperatures in the mountain region, it was Dena’s transformation that stole the show at Sagana State Lodge.

Keen netizens could not unable to ignore her changed looks since she got the plum government job.

Kanze, who was previously a news anchor resigned from Citizen TV in June 2018 after her appointed as the Deputy State House Spokesperson and Deputy Head, PSCU, a role she held for a month before ascending to her current role of Spokesperson.

A few months later, she got married at an invite-only ceremony at Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Laikipia County.

Not much is known about her husband who is reportedly the CEO of Nuvision Media

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