Man Jailed Five Years for Marrying a Second Wife



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Man Jailed Five Years for Marrying a Second Wife

A man is serving time at Manyani prison coz his first wife disapproves of his marrying a dancer as a second wife. The bitter wife says, she made her husband be who he is today, a respectable man in the society. The bitter wife says the second wife was a well-known village prostitute. There was no way she would share her husband in this day and age of sexually transmitted diseases. She could not watch the lady reap where she had sown. But the adamant husband smitten by newly found love kept on dipping his hands in the side chic’s honey jar.

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As months passed by, so was the relationship between the husband and wife deteriorated. So much so that the wife gave her husband an ultimatum to decide who he would stay. The husband outrightly declared that he would stay with the side chic as the main wife. That made his legally married wife fall into depression. The relatives to the first wife hatched a plan on how they would deal with the runaway in law.

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The relatives ganged up and pressured the first wife to lodge complains at the police station against her husband. Of which she did. Charges were many heaped at the husband like cohabiting with an underage girl to wife battery. Summons to appear at the law courts were made, but the now dejected husband refused to go to court. That prompted the police to issue a warrant of arrest on the husband. A search party was immediately dispatched with express order to arrest the husband. He was captured at a local drinking den.

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Failure to appear before a court of law when a summon has been issued meant that he was in contempt of law, a charge added on top of the other six that he was accused of. The guy was found guilty and was sentenced to five years in jail.

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Man Jailed Five Years for Marrying a Second Wife

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