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Mama Ibado Charity provides food to the Muslim community during Ramadan for non-residents


The Mama Ibado Charity organization has started providing four-day food aid by targeting more than 1,000 needy Muslim households to protect them from the effects of famine as they celebrate the holy month of Ramadan in Isiolo county.

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The Aid Agency will distribute food aid to between 200-300 people daily for a week in strict compliance with COVID-19 regulations.

The charity organization will be touching the heart of the residents of Bulapesa, Shambani, Camp Odha, High Camp, Tuluroba and Kiwanjani villages.

Leyla Mohamed, Mama Ibado Charity’s Farm Officer noted that food aid assistance targets the most vulnerable people in the community.

“The lives of Muslims from poor backgrounds during the holy month of Ramadan had been made more difficult by the devastating effects of COVID-19 which led to the closure of businesses and the loss of jobs later,” Mohamed said.

Isiolo Central area chief Abdi Dida who preferred the food distribution exercise said that the state of hunger for many households in the area that covers Isiolo town has reached alarming levels.

Mr Dida commended the charity for its generous act of accommodating vulnerable Kenyans, especially at a time when Muslims are celebrating the holy month of Ramadan.

“Some organizations and even people who have a lot should copy the sign displayed by Mama Ibado Charity and engage with unjust community members,” he said.

Beneficiaries received a variety of foods including corn and wheat flour, rice, pasta, sugar, tea leaves, salt and cooking oil. They praised the move and the charitable foundation to unite them during the difficult times of the present.

Halima Nguzo, a resident of Bulapesa area said that the food received was enough to feed her family for the entire holy month of Ramadan.

Isiolo residents also asked the government and other organizations to also consider emulation Mother Ibado Charity ensuring that the most vulnerable Kenyans benefit from such food aid practices.

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