Lulu and Majizzo get married – Radio National


Tanzanian actress Elizabeth Michael who calls herself Lulu and businessman Majizzo performed the wedding today, according to videos posted on social media by a radio station called E Fm which is owned by

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The two are said to be in a romantic relationship in 2015 and in November 2017, Lulu was jailed after being found guilty of manslaughter in the murder of fellow actor Steve Kanumba in 2012. Lulu and Kanumba were believed to be in a romantic relationship. before Kanumba’s death.

Elizabeth was released six months later and plans for her wedding with Majizzo reportedly began immediately. The wedding however did not take place in 2018 according to plans and it is said that Majizzo had abused Elizabeth and that is why the young lady appeared at some point without an engagement ring.

Elizabeth Michael and Majizzo did not announce their wedding publicly before the event itself but only E Fm videos have revealed that.

Majizzo is Hamisa Mobeto’s ex-girlfriend and together they have a daughter who is Hamisa’s abortionist.
We wish the couple all the best.

In recent days, Steve Kanumba’s mother has been heard publicly saying that Elizabeth had killed her son, which led many to scold her, even though she said Kanumba could not return and that Lulu had been acquitted by the court.

When interviewed by the media, Lulu said that the parent is often unresponsive and unanswered.


Lulu and Majizzo get married – Radio National

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