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“Learn from me and Ali Kiba.” Diamond Platnumz


For the first time, Bongo Fleva artist, Naseeb Abdul, or if you like Diamond Platnumz has talked about Rayvanny and Harmonize’s bustle about a girl named Paula.

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Diamond has advised musicians he has worked with under WCB to follow his example with Ali Kiba as even if they have misunderstood each other before, they have never been referred to the police.

The WCB owner is not happy about the incident where Harmonize and Rayvanny have sued police after Harmonize complained about Harmonize’s defamation by posting pictures of his emptiness.

Harmonize sued all those responsible for the spread of the images which he says are not true as it is his image embedded in someone else’s body. Listed on the police complaints are Rayvanny, artist and presenter Baba Levo, Juma Haji, Paula the son of Kajala and Kajala himself.

Diamond explained that the competition he would like to see is professional, ie in music, referring to the competition between him and Ali Kiba, which he said only focused on work.

The Dar es Salaam police department is continuing to investigate allegations of the distribution of images of Rajab Abdul Kahal popularly known as Harmonize.

Dar es Salaam Special Zone Police Commander, Lazaro Mambosasa confirmed this, adding that they have questioned the five suspects who have been released on bail and if evidence is found they will be brought to justice.

Interviewees were Frida Kajala Masanja, 36, Paula Paul Peter, 18, Raymond Mwakyusa (Rayvanny), 27, Claiton Revocuts (Father Levo), 34, Catherine John and Juma, 32.

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