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Lazima unioe,sitoi mimba yako-Drama as Maria confronts Rashid Abdallah


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Yasmeen Said famously known as Maria has caused drama after she confronted News anchor Rashid Abdallah at the citizen tv studios demanding him to mary her as his second wife.

The actress who is believed to be 2 months pregnant for the Swahili news presenter caused a standstill at the citizen tv studios,screaming up and down.

According to the 19 years old actress, she had sex with Rashid Abdallah outside his wedlock.Days after, she later realized that she was pregnant for him.

Upon telling him, Maria says that Rashid forced her to terminate the pregnancy so that he could save his marriage with Lulu Hassan.

Maria now says that she is not ready to abort her unborn baby and that she will keep it until it’s born.

She however wanted Rashid to take responsibility of the pregnancy and the unborn child as he had since blocked her phone calls.

This is when she confronted Rashid Abdallah demanding him to marry her as his second wife.

“Lazima unioe, sitoi mimba yako” shouted angry Maria.

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