Lavington residents reject woos to evict Eric Omondi for ‘being noisy’


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Reports indicate growing efforts to evict comedian Eric Omondi from his offices in the leafy suburbs of Lavington for allegedly creating havoc in area.

The comedian last year opened the Big Tyme Entertainment offices in the the neighborhood.

However it seems there are individuals who are not happy with his activities and have been allegedly mobilizing residents to append signatures to implicate the funnyman for breaching peace.

“They have been moving door to door trying to convince us to submit signatures, so we can say he is causing havoc in an area that was tranquil,” said a source who spoke anonymously to Standard Entertainment. 

According to the source, the resident have however rejected those attempts and are proud to have Eric in the hood.

“Whatever he is doing is commendable. If he can create employment with entertainment, why should we choke him down? Some of us here are dentists, lawyers and politicians. We can’t all be in the same industry. Let him continue with his legit business without interference. We love to see him here because he creates a light moment.”



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