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Kwale County youths warned against inclusion in extremism


Kwale County Governor Salim Mvurya has called on Muslim youth to refuse to be drawn into extremist ideologies and to maintain peace, unity and tolerance.

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He called on the youth to reject such evils as extremism, crime, drug abuse and to refrain from any actions that may jeopardize their future lives.

Governor Mvurya said that Islam promotes peace and unity and that extremism and violence have no place in society.

Mvurya was speaking at his office in Kwale where he received 15-year-old Yunus Masoud, who was the winner of the annual Quran competition organized in Tanzania.

Mvurya said parents should encourage their children to maintain values ​​and improve in secular and religious education.

He said that encouraging children to maintain good morals would help prevent such things as belief in extremism and drug abuse.

He called on Muslims to adhere to justice throughout the fasting period of the holy month of Ramadan.

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