Kenyans Warned Over Cyclone Jobo Approaching Mombasa


  • The Kenya Maritime Authority (KMA) has issued a warning to Kenyans bordering the coast to watch the imminent fall of tropical cyclone Job.

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    The authorities said Jobo was expected to hit the Kenyan coast at midnight on Monday, April 26.

    Mombasa, Kilifi, and Kwale counties are most likely to be affected.

    A rare hurricane approaching the coast is equivalent to a severe tropical storm and a wind speed of more than 150 miles[240 km]an hour.

    Kenya Ports Authority (KPA)


    This is expected to bring heavy rainfall and possible flooding, and between 200 and 400 millimeters of rainfall is expected within 24 hours as it falls, reports show.

    Authorities confirmed that emergency response teams had already been sent to the beach. In addition, all maritime activities have been reduced.

    “The KMA has directed all working ships, passengers, and the general public to venture into the Indian Ocean to refrain,” the authority said.

    Earlier, the Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) had ordered all ships to take the necessary steps to ensure that the ship was exposed to strong winds.

    The KPA recommended measures such as double travel lines, maintaining ships close to shore, and keeping your crew alert.

    The news comes after the Tanzania Meteorological Agency warned its citizens to stay afloat due to the tropical cyclone.

    Agnes Kijazi, director general of the Tanzania Meteorological Agency, added that some parts of Tanzania will experience increased rainfall.

    “The storm is expected to affect the islands of Zanzibar as well as Mafia Island. Dar es Salaam will also be affected by bad weather, ”Kijazi noted.

    Tropical Typhoon Job approaches East Africa's coastlineTropical Typhoon Job approaches East Africa's coastline

    Tropical Typhoon Job approaches East Africa’s coastline




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