Kenyans in India urged contact with the embassy during a bloodbath – KBC


Following the rise in Covid-19 deaths and visas in India, Kenya has asked its citizens to contact and provide the Kenya High Commission in India with personal information to help it update its register.

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The commission, in a statement, asked Kenyans in India to provide their names as they appear on the passport, their passport numbers, their addresses, their address and location in India and their purpose for responsible visits and decision-making processes.

The statement signed by Kenya’s High Commissioner to India, Willy Bett, assured Kenyans that the Government of India was taking a number of measures to help reduce the rate of infection.

The commission also advised Kenyans in India to form WhatsApp groups to facilitate communication should be required.

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More than 900 Kenyans are said to be living in New Delhi and other parts of the Asian country.

India’s Covid-19 infection rose to 346,786 on Saturday, setting a new world record for the third day in a row, as overcrowded hospitals in the densely populated country sought oxygen help.

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